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Application Requirements

Bristol Gardens is now accepting applications!

In order to be considered for an apartment, you must do the following:


Fill Out an Application In This Office.

Everyone 18 years and older who are planning to live in the apartment MUST fill out the application.

Pay a non-refundable application fee of $28.00 per person (18 years & older).

Checks or money orders only – NO CASH.

Provide government-issued photo ID (driver’s license preferred).

Provide a Social Security Card for all who plan to live in the apartment.

Provide your most recent pay stub – you must have your current job for at least six (6) months.

You will not be given an application, or you may be denied admittance, if you (or any applicant) have done any of the following:

Been convicted of certain felonies by the courts.

Had Landlord/Tenant action taken against you.

Provided false information on your application.

After your application is submitted, our office will verify your history as a tenant with a national research company, and with your current landlord. Bristol Gardens will also do a criminal background check. There will also be a verification form sent to your employer(s). Your employer is responsible for filling out the form and returning it to Bristol Gardens (return postage provided).

The application will not be approved until all the above information is in compliance with this policy.

Bristol Gardens uses income requirements set by the federal government in order to qualify for housing. We will not take more than 40% of your income.

Minimum income requirements are as follows:

One Bedroom

$9.38 Per Hour
$375.00 Per Week
$750.00 Bi-Weekly
$1,625.00 Monthly
$19,500.00 Annually

Two Bedroom

$11.32 Per Hour
$453.00 Per Week
$906.00 Bi-Weekly
$1,962.50 Monthly
$23,550.00 Annually

Applicant(s) total income for a one bedroom apartment should be greater than $9.38 per hour; for a two bedroom apartment, it should be greater than $11.32 per hour (based on a 40 hour work week).

Maximum income for 1 person cannot exceed $53,950.00 annually; 2 people $61,650.00; 3 people $69,350.00; 4 people $77,050.00.